Saturday, February 5, 2011

Kicking off MCFR blogspot

Well I'm not much of a "blogger", truth be told I'm getting to the age were I am starting to shun all things technological, and I somewhat like it that way. But in this day and age where everything from conversing with a friend to paying your bills and buying items is all done online I figured it was time I joined in on the game and started a new blog for my company Midwest Custom Fly Rods.

 I'll try to keep up on the blog with the latest the best I can, but as Owner of Midwest Custom Fly Rods, Co-admin of The Fly tying forum, Talk fly fishing form, and the Rod building forum as well as balancing everyday life I don't get as much time to "blog" as others do.

 So I'll just start off this post with the latest happenings here at MCFR's. Currently I am working pretty much round' the clock on building custom fly rods to take to the big show next month. By "big show" I am talking about the Midwest Fly Fishing Expo held each year In Warren Michigan. This will be the 3rd year MCFR's will have a booth at the show and we sprang for a bigger corner booth this year at the show so I'm working up a storm trying to get as many Custom rods and gear as I can get ready for the show. Add into that the long list of customer rods already on the "Build Board" and you can see why I am so busy lately.

This years Midwest Fly Fishing Expo will be held in Warren Michigan on March 12th & 13th and should be a great show. Most years there are around 4,500 people that come through the doors and wall to wall fly fishing booth with more fun to be had than any normal angler would ever want.

A couple of the latest rods that to go out the door to a happy customer...
"Pair of Custom Winston & G.Loomis Fly Rods"    

More info on the Midwest Fly Fishing Expo can be found here Expo info

Hope to see you there....